The editorial board (or the advisory board) is composed of respected individuals in the journal’s field. It plays a crucial role in representing BizEcons Quarterly and establishing its reputation. The board members are seen as indicators of the journal’s quality based on their academic credentials and experience.

Apart from enhancing the journal’s prestige, the editorial board’s primary responsibility is to provide guidance and support to the editor. This includes suggesting new topics for commissions and special editions, providing feedback on past issues, and recommending potential authors. The board members also contribute content by writing editorials and short articles and approaching potential contributors.

Additionally, the editorial board is involved in peer review, helping to identify suitable peer reviewers and providing a second opinion on papers when there is a conflict between reviewers. They also identify appropriate conferences for the editors to attend and endorse the journal to authors, readers, and subscribers while encouraging their colleagues to submit their best work.


Managing Editor:

Olaniyi Evans
Department of Economics
Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria.


Editorial Board:

Adedoyin Salami, Lagos Business School
Adeniji Sesan, Wichita State University, Kansas, USA.
Olusegun Vincent, Pan-Atlantic University
Ogechi Adeola, Lagos Business School
Chi Nwaogwugwu
, University of Lagos
Ekundayo Mesagan, Pan-Atlantic University
Ikechukwu Kelikume, Lagos Business School
Olawale Wale-Awe, Babcock University